Design (and related) Newsletters that I usually read, alphabetically ordered. This post will be on constant update, as I'll be adding new ones regularly to my feeds.

Case Study Club

“Learning how others think and applying parts of their process to your own work is a great way to grow as a designer. Writing case studies is also a great opportunity to become more aware of your process.” A great resource for analysis, helping you learn and also improve your Product Design skills. Weekly, every Monday. In English.

CSS Layout

By Rachel Andrews, it’s a theme-specific weekly newsletter about CSS Layout (tutorials, resources, general info). Technical profiles only. In English.

Dense Discovery

A thoughtful weekly newsletter to help you feel inspired, be productive & think critically. A must read, every week. In English.


A couple of featured links, a selection of the best articles of the month and some self-promotion. The good news is that linked articles are always “homegrown”, from their blog, so you do not usually see repeated content from other newsletters. In English.


All kinds of links and resources, weekly, one of the most generic, but from which you can get really good content. The only “negative” issue is that signing up for the newsletter also involves receiving some individual promotion/partner advertising emails, here and there. In English.

Eye on Design by AIGA

The Eye on Design blog contents, delivered weekly to your inbox. Great inspirational stuff by AIGA, the professional association for design, the oldest and largest not-for-profit design organization in the United States. In English.

Font Review Journal

Reviews and analysis of typeface designs both new and old, by Bethany Heck. Aimed at designers who want to discover new typefaces to add to their arsenal, or those who want to learn to appreciate old favorites on a deeper level.

Fresh Fonts

Noemi Stauffer curates this newsletter featuring brand new, well-crafted typefaces from independent designers and type foundries. Also includes high-quality free / open source fonts. Twice a month. A gem.

Front-End Front

Front-end contents exclusively, links, resources and articles curated by Stelian Firez and Sergiu Firez. In English.

Hey Designer

Newsletter of the popular design blog. It allows to choose frequency (daily or weekly). Some sponsored posts but mostly are interesting. Very easy to scan and very direct. English.


Máximo Gavete’s newsletter, weekly, about Design. Resources, links, articles, videos, opinion, tools … not in a “content list” format, it is a more developed, more persona one, to read (and enjoy) slowly, almost like a conversation with the author. In Spanish.

Product Hunt

The daily newsletter from the well known Product Hunt, “a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations”. We like the format of this one: they choose a concept, develop a text with some links and observations in two/three paragraphs and throw a list of related products that can be found on the platform. Also, a “Who’s hiring” section with job postings and the list on the most rated products on the platform, each day. In English.


Five selected links on UX, UI, Typography, CSS, User Research daily, From Sacha Greif. Link title and small description, to the point. Also, you can contribute with your own content. One of our favorites. In English.


Design stuff (and some music) by Wences Sanz-Alonso. One of my favorites, Wences knows really how to balance his thoughts on his field (and even on his life) with the "pure design related content". In English.

The Smashing Newsletter

If you work on digital fields, the odds are you already know what Smashing Mag is, and what you can expect. We love the brief “table of contents” that allows you to scan the whole newsletter quickly, saving time, since each issue is really long. In weekly format, made of their blog content and also other links and resources. In English.

UI From Mars

By Cris Busquets, a product & brand designer that sends several useful links and some thoughts on Design, weekly. In Spanish.

UX Booth

The newsletter of one of the most influential publications on UX. Really good content, well distributed. I like that they not only share “news” content, but also retrieve useful previous content, in their “From the Archives” space. Weekly, on Fridays. In English.

UX Design Weekly

Every Monday a selection of UX, UI, front-end, tools, resources, etc. by Kenny Chen. We love how the content is distributed in Articles, Tools & Resources, Media, UX & Portfolio and Last But Not Least, with a brief title and subtitle format, easy and quick to read. In English.

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