Final Boss at Superlatiu, an independent digital studio ✺ Lead UX/UI designer at NOW (member of Folch Studio ecosystem) ✺ Design gun for hire ✺ Manager at, a private community for Catalan digital professionals ✺  Human operator at Vizzzzzual, a visual inspiration feed, est.2009 ✺ Retired DJ, playing some records here & there ✺ Father of three.


Born and raised in Barcelona, my journey has not been one of those “college > master’s degree > intern training > job” ones, but has had its ups and downs, since, in the mid-80s, I was gifted a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K and got fascinated by the world that opened up to me.

A decade later, when the Internet arrived I felt that something clicked on me. I clearly remember the first day I accessed the WWW and that feeling of finding myself before something so vast that it could occupy my entire life. And so far it has been.

Endless nights with my 56K modem and a Pentium 100 designing and developing my first personal pages & blogs, surfing through BBS, web portals, forums, P2P, IRC and later on the first social networks, as I started, after dropping out college where I was studying Journalism and Corporate Communication, to refine my professional profile with academic training in graphic design, web and interactive development, some IT and digital marketing. 

Curiosity and persistance played a major role and contributed in a key way to learning, mostly on my own, subjects and concepts that, at that time, were not available in the curriculum of universities and colleges. I got really hooked on this new medium and wanted to learn as much as possible.

I had my first "startup" attempts as side projects (an art collective, an electronic music forum, a t-shirt shop, a video feed platform, a digital music label) and I learned from each mistake to improve in the following ones. For a few years I worked in different roles in communication and advertising agencies and in 2010 I decided to move from Barcelona to a small town near Girona, starting my own studio, MMX, now Superlatiu.

From a very general start, with all kinds of projects within digital communication, in the last past years I have been defining and specializing my profile and services focusing on brand and digital product design, the fields where I think I can add more value, due to my experience.

In this time I've worked in a wide range of products for organisations, brands and institutions like Antex, Babolat, Bayer Healthcare, BMW, Danone, Decathlon, EADA, ESCAC, Esteve, Gore-Tex, Grupo Codorniu, Mars, Med Playa, Mondelēz, Orbea, Rakuten, Seaqual, Unicef or Universitat de Girona (UdG), just to name a few, and also with agencies & studios such as Binària, Contrapunto BBDO, Folch, Havas Media, Logosapiens, NOW, Saatchi & Saatchi or Wunderman Thompson (WPP). Also had the honor of speaking about my practice in schools like Elisava, School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona or EADA Business School.

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Books, records, films. These things matter.

A 12" record I've just bought  →  "Substance" (Joy Division, 1988)

An Spotify playlist to listen to  →  "Monthly Jukebox" (My own, updated monthly)

A song I'm obsessed with  →  "So they say" (Kenny Beats, 2022)

A podcast that I love  →  "Marea Nocturna" (Radio Primavera Sound)

Last movie I've really enjoyed  →  "The Worst Person in the World" (Joachim Trier, 2021)

Best movies I've seen this year  →  My @letterboxd Top 2022 List

A TV show I've just watched now  →  "The Bear" (FX, 2022)

The book I'm reading now  →  "Matadero Cinco" (Kurt Vonnegut, 1969)

The book I'll (probably) read next  →  "Història de la Música del Segle XX" (Pau Riba, 2021)

A newsletter I would 100% recommend  →  "The Honest Broker" (Ted Gioia)

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