Monthly Jukebox ➝

Since 2021 I'm publishing an Spotify playlist each month called "Monthly Jukebox" with the 25 tracks I'm listening to on repeat. As I don't want to save hundreds of playlists within a couple of years (had this problem years ago) I decided to make this mixtape "ephemeral": it gets wiped and substituted by next month's. It's an eclectic blend of genres that I hope you'll enjoy as much as I am.

The Creative Mixtape

1700+ songs of different styles and genres that help me day by day in my work. This is where I go when I don't want to listen to something in particular, my "manual algorithm" where I know everything will click.

A collaborative Spotify playlist with 125+ tracks added by several members of, the Catalan digital professionals community I co-founded and manage. Mainly electronics... it's "digital" music ;)

DJ Sets

Spent part of my youth playing professionally at clubs, venues and festivals in Barcelona, Girona, Madrid or Balears. Now I'm retired, but still enjoy mixing tunes, mainly techno, minimal, breaks and stuff like that. 

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